new connector-AISG connectors

Kaipu finish a new connector AISG series: The connectors of series FS1 are available with 3-8 contacts, screw coupling,can interchange with Amphenol C 091 A /B/D & Binder 423 series.Meet DIN45326 standard. All connectors of series FS1 are EMI protected and IP 67 proof. Main applications for FS1 connectors are industrial controls, data processing, instrumentation, medical devices, telecommunication network and equipment, plus outdoor and marine application.Cable connector main applications for 3G, Tower Mounted Amplifier, Base Stations.UL-E308558.
Product Ordering
FS1 6 T J - 8 C
1 2 3 4 5 6
1.Name: FS1 type water proof connector
2.Number of contacts: 3,4,5,6,7,8 pcs
3.Connector type: T:Plug; Z1:circular receptacle panel with one M18 screw, Z2:Circular receptacle panel with two M18 screws,Z3:square receptacle, Z4:hexangular receptacle,ZA: PCB mount receptacle
4.Contacts type: J:pin; K:socket,J1:Crimp pin,K1:crimp socket
5.Meet cable diameter: 6-9 mm
6.Protect cap: C:metal cap,C1:Hard Plastic cap。